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Denture Implants Austin, TX

Until recently, Austin Texas denture patients have had two basic choices concerning dentures: fixed or removable. Whether it was a partial denture in Austin or a full denture, patients had to choose whether or not they wanted to have the ability to remove their dentures in Austin, TX. But now, patients no longer have to choose. Why? Denture implant solutions.

Denture implant solutions in Austin Texas are the latest denture technology to be introduced to patients. The simple ‘snap in, snap out’ system provides denture patients with the stability of fixed dentures and the flexibility of removable dentures in Austin.

The denture implant procedure

The denture implant treatment will be performed by a certified implant dentist. During this simple and straightforward procedure, your implant dentist will make a small incision in the gum line and place the mini dental implants directly into your jawbone. The titanium alloy of the dental implants will then fuse with the bone of your jaw, providing implant stability, which in turn offers long-term denture support. After implant placement, your dentist will embed small metal receptacles, complete with O-rings, into your removable dentures, which will attach to the implants, locking your dentures securely in place. This allows your dentures to be snapped in and out of place, quickly and easily.

This innovative implant procedure is great for denture patients because it is minimally invasive, takes about two hours to complete, and only requires a local anesthetic. Because the implants used are smaller than traditional implants, patients never require as much downtime to recover. In fact, most patients will be eating relatively normally by dinnertime that same day.

Are Denture Implants right for you?

If you currently suffer with an imperfect smile due to large gaps, dentures are most often the best corrective solution. While removable dentures can give you the look of naturally growing teeth, their unstable nature often causes speaking and chewing problems. On the other hand, fixed dentures via mini dental implants have their downfalls for patients as well.

If you are interested in dentures, yet can’t decide between fixed and removable, a denture attachment solutions in Austin may be exactly what you need. You’ll enjoy the ease of removable dentures without dealing with the messy pastes and adhesives, and the stability of fixed dentures, providing the ability to speak and chew with ease. And most importantly – you’ll finally have a naturally beautiful smile.

Are denture implant systems right for you? Find out by contacting a certified implant dentist in your area today!